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Murder Defense Attorney Serving Throughout San Bernardino

Defending You from Unfair Prosecution Since 1976

Devising an effective and strategic murder defense can mean the difference between life and death for the accused, which is why the Law Offices of John D. Lueck focuses on murder charges with precision and commitment. Murder defense attorney John D. Lueck takes pride in representing our clients when they have been charged with such a serious offense. We have spent over 40 years defending the rights of those charged with murder in an effort to provide each client with a formidable and strategic protective shield from the prosecution’s version of the events. It is important that anyone who has been charged contacts our office immediately, before they speak with the police or the district attorney’s office.

We will provide you with an outlet for your version of the events while protecting your rights and the confidentiality of our conversations. These are very serious charges and our attorney is skilled at handling them with a sophisticated and comprehensive defense strategy.

Our murder defense attorney located in San Bernardino offers free consultations in an effort to connect with the client charged with murder before taking on their case blindly. It is important to us that you understand your rights and the fact that we will protect them with a diligent investigation into your particular case. This includes interviews with witnesses, the police, and medical examiners while devising a specific murder defense that entirely addresses the circumstances of your individual case.

What Constitutes Murder?

Murder is considered to be the premeditated, unlawful killing of another human. With the premeditated capacity added to its definition, it is distinguished from other forms of unlawful homicide such as manslaughter. Listed as one of the most serious crimes that can be committed, the prosecution will seek a lengthy jail sentence and, depending on the act and location of its occurrence, possibly even the death penalty.

Acts that are not considered murder, but a lesser charge, include:

  • Unlawful killings without malice (manslaughter)
  • Justified or accidental killings (homicide)
  • Killing of enemy combatants
  • Self-defense of your person
  • Self-defense of another

It is our job to prove reasonable doubt in the prosecution’s presentation of the facts of your case. It is our duty to establish the mitigating circumstances that surrounded the crime in order for our clients to be held accountable in a lesser capacity or released from the charges waged against them altogether.

Proficient Criminal Defense Strategists

The reason for our steadfast and unyielding success in the courtroom is that we work hard to achieve the optimum outcome for our clients before we even enter the courtroom. Our expressed and dedicated interest in the investigation is our top priority and the most important part of any murder case. We spend countless hours interviewing witnesses, collecting data, and discovering evidence and information that can be used to protect our clients from lengthy, undeserved jail sentences.

John D. Lueck understands the responsibility he has to the people who need an experienced and proven murder defense attorney in San Bernardino. Our obligation is to defend the citizens of the United States against any oppressive charges waged against them and to help deliver them from any unfair prosecution that could result from those charges. Our firm is educated, experienced, and compassionate. We want to help formulate a murder defense strategy that will help you sleep at night knowing that we are prepared to counter the prosecution’s case with a stinging blow to their account of the events that resulted in these charges.

A Stellar Defense Strategy Awaits. Call Us Now.

If you or a family member has been charged with murder, time is of the essence in formulating your defense. Do not talk to the police or anyone from the district attorney’s office until you have contacted our office for help. We will provide you with a partner in criminal defense strategies to ensure you receive high-quality representation for your particular case.

Contact the Law Offices of John D. Lueck today at (909) 484-1963 and let us help you counter these charges from the very beginning.

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