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Drug Crime Attorney Serving Throughout San Bernardino

Defend Your Rights with the Law offices of John D. Lueck

If you have been charged with violating state or federal drug laws in San Bernardino, you want an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your rights. If convicted, you could face substantial fines and penalties, as well as incarceration. You could also lose the right to work in certain professions or be denied access to federal student aid. You want an experienced drug crimes attorney who has successfully defended clients.

At the Law Offices of John D. Lueck, we have been successfully representing individuals in Southern California since 1976. We know that criminal prosecutions can be intimidating and confusing, we work hard to explain the law, the legal process, and our strategy for your defense. We listen closely to your questions and concerns so that we can identify and implement solutions that are in your best interests. We will keep you fully informed about all your case’s developments, as well as your options for moving forward so that you can make well-informed decisions for your future.

We offer a free initial consultation to all clients. Contact our office or call us at (909) 484-1963 today.

Our Drug Crimes Defense Practice

When you hire us to defend you against drug charges, we conduct an exhaustive review of the details surrounding your arrest, including a determination of whether there was probable cause for any search, seizure, or arrest. We will examine whether the evidence was properly obtained and, if there are irregularities or violations of your constitutional rights, we will aggressively seek the exclusion of evidence and/or the dismissal of all charges. If your situation calls for it, we will also represent you in bond or asset seizure hearings.

We aggressively defend people charged with felony or misdemeanor drug offenses in state or federal court, handling the defense of charges including:

  • Possession of controlled substances, including marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, and prescription drugs
  • Sale, distribution, or trafficking of illegal drugs or narcotics
  • Manufacturing of illegal substances, such as methamphetamines
  • Importation or transportation of controlled substances
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Conspiracy to commit drug offenses

Contact the Law Offices of John D. Lueck

We a free initial consultation. Contact our office or call us at (909) 484-1963 to set up an appointment with our drug crimes defense attorney in San Bernardino. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

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