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Travel Photos

Person carrying barrels on back in city streetPhoto of small child

Small child hugging adult, both smilingPerson working at crafting machine smiling

Young person with bike attached to seat with older personYoung person sitting next to bicycle holding a book

Group of people sitting outside smilingOlder woman sitting outside and smiling

Person pouring liquid from kettle while holding cigarettePerson on roof shingles smoking cigarette

Two people standing in street in front of shopTwo people leaning into each other and smiling

Older man sitting in chair outsideOlder person next to shop stand smiling

Two people sitting outside brick building smoking cigarettesPeople standing and sitting outside with baby in chair

People in shop working and cookingPeople carrying baskets standing in line and smiling

People in large group sitting under awning with basketsSmall adult and child looking at camera and smile

People smiling and sitting at table with foodPhoto of stone staircase with several people going up and down