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Experienced Rancho Cucamonga Truck Accident Attorney fighting for Victims in San Bernardino County

From his offices in Rancho Cucamonga, personal injury attorney John D. Lueck represents victims of truck accidents who were injured in a crash with a big rig in San Bernardino County. Truck accident victims often suffer serious injuries and require both immediate and long-term medical care and compensation. The Law Offices of John D. Lueck takes a proactive, aggressive approach to obtaining excellent results for his clients. Learn more about the dangers of San Bernardino truck accidents below, and contact truck accident attorney John D. Lueck for a free case evaluation if you have been injured in a crash with an 18-wheeler.

San Bernardino Sees More than its Fair Share of Tractor-Trailer Truck Crashes

The state of California has seen a steady increase in semi-truck accidents in recent years. In 2015, there were 6,038 injury accidents and 290 fatal crashes involving 18-wheelers, resulting in 8,598 injuries and 315 deaths. In San Bernardino alone, 509 injury accidents and 32 fatal collisions left 742 injured and took the lives of 34 individuals. In fact, San Bernardino County ranked second in the state in numbers of truck accident injuries and deaths, behind only Los Angeles.

San Bernardino experiences a large volume of intrastate and interstate truck traffic, increasing the likelihood of dangerous truck accidents. The cross-country Interstate 10 passes through the county, where it intersects with Interstate 215. The 215 is itself a busy traffic corridor, connecting not only Riverside and San Bernardino city centers, but also serving as a popular alternative route for drivers from as far away as San Diego, Las Vegas or Phoenix. With only two lanes in each direction and ongoing widening projects, however, commercial trucks may find themselves surprised by sudden traffic slowdowns and congestion.

Speeding and Improper Turning are Leading Causes of San Bernardino Truck Accidents

According to the latest statistics from the California Highway Patrol, the two leading causes of truck accidents in San Bernardino were speeding and improper turning. Each dangerous behavior poses unique problems for the drivers who encounter them.

Speeding – A speeding truck is a dangerous and deadly force for many reasons. Higher speed decreases a truck driver’s reaction time to respond to sudden changes like a traffic slowdown or an object in the road. A higher speed also requires increased stopping distance for a fully-loaded tractor-trailer to come to a stop. At highway speeds, an 18-wheeler may need as much as 400 feet to come to a halt. That’s more than the length of a football field; rarely will you find that much space between vehicles on a crowded southern California highway. Finally, speed plays a major role in how serious or deadly a crash may be. A recent study revealed that not only does a higher speed lead to a greater force on impact, but the strength of this force increases exponentially with speed, so that even a small increase in speed results in a large increase in the force of an impact.

Improper turning and unsafe lane changes – Semi-trucks have several extensive blind spots where they simply cannot see the traffic around them. These blind spots go on for about two car lengths behind the trailer as well as directly in front of the cab, and they also extend for several car lengths and multiple lanes on either side of the truck. It is essential for truckers to check their mirrors and signal their intentions well in advance of any turn or lane change, and to take great care when merging into traffic. Often, truckers seem to think smaller vehicles will simply “get out of the way,” but this is not often possible in traffic and is more likely than not to end up in disaster for the unfortunate occupants of the smaller car.

Serious Legal Help is Available after a Serious San Bernardino Truck Accident

Truck accident cases are complex and hard-fought by trucking companies and their insurance carriers, who typically have large policies they would prefer not to pay out on. Truckers and trucking companies have even been known to falsify their records to make them appear in compliance with federal safety regulations, when in fact they are so far out of compliance both driver and truck must be immediately pulled from service when their dangerous behaviors are discovered.

Don’t let these victimizing trucking companies get away with their dangerous behavior when you have been hurt in a serious San Bernardino truck accident. Call the truck accident attorney of the Law Offices of John D. Lueck in Rancho Cucamonga at 909-484-1963 for a free evaluation of your potential claims.

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