When you have been injured because of another’s negligence, you need a personal injury lawyer on your side who is familiar with personal injury claims and understands every aspect of the case which must come together to secure the maximum in compensation for your claim. John D. Lueck has over 40 years of experience fighting for his clients and has successfully handled more than 7,000 cases in that time. The knowledge and ability gained from this depth of experience will prove invaluable when negotiating a top-notch settlement with the insurance company or taking your case to a jury if necessary to get the best result. Centered in Rancho Cucamonga, John D. Lueck, Inc serves clients throughout San Bernardino who have been injured in any type of accident caused by the negligence of another, including:

  • Car Accidents

  • Truck Accidents

  • Motorcycle Accidents

  • Slip and Fall Accidents

  • Construction and Workplace Accidents

If you have suffered an injury in any of these accidents or others, call John D. Lueck, Inc for a no-cost evaluation of your case.

Having an Attorney on Your Side is Critical to Success on Your Claim

After an accident, you may find yourself dealing with an insurance company, either your own carrier or the other party’s. The insurance company may appear to be very efficient, quickly assessing your damage and ready to hand you a check for your loss. Make no mistake, the amount offered by the insurance company is likely thousands less than your claim is actually worth. Claims adjusters are expertly trained to talk you into taking less for your claim while recording your statements and gathering evidence to use against you should you try to fight them. Without an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side, you will likely never know how much money you should have expected from the insurance company. They handle accident claims every day, and you don’t. It only makes sense to let yourself be represented by a legal professional with as much experience or more as the professionals on the other side.

Choose an Attorney with Trial Experience for Your Personal Injury Case

Most personal injury cases settle without going to trial, and most personal injury victims will never see the inside of a courtroom. So why is it necessary to choose an attorney with trial experience? The reason insurance companies settle is that the last thing they want to do is let your case get in front of a jury. They know that when ordinary people learn about the facts of your car accident, slip and fall, or workplace accident, they can relate to the serious harm done and the pain and suffering endured, and they are likely to make a significant award to the injured party. Insurance companies are therefore willing to negotiate a sizable settlement rather than go up against a lawyer who is building a case for trial and has a record of success in court. If your attorney has never been to court, the insurance company lawyers are in a position to force a settlement that is more favorable to them. When facing John D. Lueck, they know they have met an attorney who is not only willing to go to court but who regularly does so and with outstanding success.

Call Attorney John D. Lueck after a Personal Injury in San Bernardino

At John D. Lueck, Inc, you will receive personal attention from a personal injury lawyer and staff who care about you, who want you to get better, and who want you to get the best result in your personal injury case. We are always available to answer your questions and keep you informed as your case progresses. Your initial consultation is free, and we’ll handle your case on a contingency fee basis, meaning you only pay us if we recover for you. We advance all costs of litigation, and your fee is determined as a percentage of the recovery, so you don’t have to worry about receiving your fair share of the proceeds. Call our office as soon as possible after an accident, so we can make sure you are in the best position for maximum recovery, and so we can get to work right away getting you the compensation you need and deserve. Call for your free case evaluation. For over 30 years I did Personal Injury cases, I now refer those cases to highly rated associates, based on the type of injury. Over the last decade, I have been defending civil lawsuits.