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Racial Discrimination Lawyer Serving in Rancho Cucamonga

Defending Clients from Unfair Treatment Since 1976

Racial discrimination is a heinous action, especially when committed in the workplace. Employees should not have to worry about being judged by their co-workers or employers because of their race. Unfortunately, many exceptional and skilled employees in the United States are treated poorly and are not given the same consideration as other employees simply due to their race. At Law Offices of John D. Lueck, we know that everybody should be treated with respect and be judged solely on merit. If you or someone you know has experienced racial discrimination in the workplace, contact our race discrimination lawyer immediately to rectify it. You, your friend, or family member could be missing out on promotions, raises, and financial compensation due to the racial discrimination and we can help you fix that.

Experienced & Effective Services

Our San Bernardino race discrimination lawyer has over 40 years of in-depth legal experience. Over that period of time, we equipped ourselves with the tools and legal knowledge we need to provide you with a proficient and well-informed case strategy. Our skilled legal team has a comprehensive understanding of employment laws in California and we are intimately familiar with all of the related laws, policies, procedures, and paperwork that you will inevitably become acquainted with. This can be a confusing and intimidating time for you since you have to go through the legal process in order to hold your employer accountable, but do not worry; we will be with you every step of the way. We take pride in successfully defending the rights of our clients and we will work relentlessly to ensure you get the high-quality legal representation you need and deserve.

Contact us online or call today at 909-484-1963 to schedule a free consultation.

How Does Racial Discrimination Affect You?

Attorney John D. Lueck is aware that everyone is affected when continuous acts or statements of racial inequality occur in the workplace. The victim is paralyzed by the ignorance and intolerance directed towards them as each workday passes while coworkers suffer from witnessing the bigotry as a whole.

These charges are described as the unfavorable treatment of anyone — including prospective or current employees — based on their hair texture, skin color, or applicable facial features that reflect their ancestral heritage.

The law forbids racial discrimination in any of the terms and conditions of employment, including:

  • Benefits
  • Firing
  • Hiring
  • Job assignments
  • Layoffs
  • Pay
  • Promotions
  • Training

In addition, discrimination can also exist when intentionally negative attention is focused on someone who has a relationship with a person of a different race. This can include a friendship, marriage, partnership, or even simple association. Our attorney does not differentiate between either types of discrimination. Racial discrimination is unlawful and the offending party, or parties, must be held responsible for their behavior.

Trust a Committed Lawyer

At Law Offices of John D. Lueck, we understand that racially charged emotions can increase anxiety while diminishing the victim’s ability to operate effectively in the workplace. If their productivity is stifled, their position can be compromised and possibly even terminated.

Our race discrimination lawyer wants to help anyone suffering from racial discrimination in the workplace and hold their offenders responsible for their unlawful behavior. The insensitivity invoked by these offenders is hurtful and can cause another to lose their livelihood simply to escape the abuse. Our law firm implores clients to stand up for the rights by ensuring that they will have a trusted partner to endure the court proceedings from beginning to end, focusing solely on an optimal outcome.

It is our duty as a professional law firm to ensure your rights are upheld in the workplace at all times. It is our duty as human beings to ensure that equality is a lead focus at our place of employment and that diversity is celebrated at every turn. We are on your side and are driven to returning your integrity and dignity. You deserve more and we are here to lead you through the legal process.

Racial Discrimination is a Crime; Call Us Today

Racial discrimination is an ugly, antiquated, and exhausting approach that some people use to belittle others and to feel empowered themselves. There is no excuse for it in in the workplace. Your employer is responsible for providing a trustworthy and safe workplace free from harm, regardless of your coworkers’ personal views.

If you are suffering from another’s intolerance, contact Law Offices of John D. Lueck today at 909-484-1963 to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer in San Bernardino.

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