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San Bernardino Divorce Lawyer Serving in Rancho Cucamonga

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If you are going through a divorce or are about to, you may be experiencing sadness, anger, or any number of intense emotions. You may be confused and not know what to do next. Fortunately, we can help. Divorce proceedings, laws, and paperwork can be confusing and difficult to keep up with. Also, figuring out what you will be doing after the divorce, such as dividing up property or time with your children, can be hard to determine especially if you are in an emotional state. Our San Bernardino divorce lawyer and legal team are here to provide you with caring and effective legal representation to make the process efficient and productive. We want to help you get through this difficult time and get you the things you want, such as child custody, spousal support, child support, and more. At Law Offices of John D. Lueck, we strive to provide all our clients with effective, compassionate, and personalized legal services.

We have over 40 years of experience with successfully handling divorce matters. As a result, we have a comprehensive understanding of California’s divorce and family laws and we are exceedingly familiar with all of the related policies, procedures, and paperwork. Divorces can be emotionally draining and physically exhausting if they are dragged out over an extended period of time. Our knowledgeable and efficient legal team is here to help you get through the process quickly and painlessly. In addition, we want to help you get what you want and we have the tools and legal acumen to help you do exactly that.

Contact our firm online or call us at 909-484-1963 to schedule a free consultation with our San Bernardino divorce attorney.

Divorce Lawyer & Family Attorney

At Law Offices of John D. Lueck, we have been representing people involved in divorce, child custody, child/spousal support, and domestic violence in Southern California since 1976. We understand that any break up of a family relationship is traumatic, often causing deep emotional pain. We take the time to carefully listen to the details of your situation so we can tailor our representation to fit your needs. We thoroughly consider your personal and family circumstances to craft a strategy to resolve your problems.

Oftentimes, the end of a marriage is hastened by an arrest, financial problems, or a lawsuit. Our lawyer’s extensive experience in each of these fields can provide a comprehensive strategy that takes these other issues into consideration. Financial and other legal problems, such as an unaffordable mortgage payment, child and spousal support orders, judgments, and high credit card balances, often stress an unhappy relationship to its breaking point.

These are several areas of divorce law we have in-depth knowledge of:

  • Division of property and debts – California is a no-fault divorce state. You don’t need a reason to get a divorce other than the fact you are unhappy in the marriage. Fault is not an issue, so even if one or the other has been unfaithful, property and debts are divided equally. This change in the law from 1972 changed the historic practice of hiring private investigators to follow the other spouse to gain an advantage in the division of property, debts, and spousal support. The law also prohibits hiding assets, usually money, once the case is filed and served. The person hiding assets can now suffer the loss of the entire hidden asset. In earlier days, the wife got the house, with the sale and division happening many years later. This is usually not the case anymore. Property is usually divided in kind when possible and rarely differs unless there is an agreement.
  • Child custody – in earlier days, the wife usually got the children, the house, and a large support order. Times are changing. Many men are now awarded primary custody when they have been the primary caretaker and are often awarded much more than the old standard of two weekends a month when they want to spend more time with their children. The law now mandates that both parents should have a meaningful relationship with their children as they grow. Fathers no longer have to take a back seat as they once did.
  • Child support – in the past, mothers got large child support orders paid almost exclusively by fathers. That is changing, with mothers no longer the presumed best parent to care for children. Now that women are achieving greater recognition in the workplace, more and more fathers are awarded custody of their children and significant child support.
  • Spousal support: It used to be that wives got large spousal support orders paid almost exclusively by husbands. Now, fathers receive spousal support about as often as mothers do. Also, the large spousal support orders that go on forever are fading away as well. A supported spouse is now expected to become self-supporting. Failure to make a true effort to do so can result in termination or reduction of a spousal support order. Oftentimes, temporary orders issued early in the divorce are dropped or greatly reduced because of the more rigid test now required for permanent spousal support orders.

Call our firm today at 909-484-1963 to learn more about our family law services and schedule a free consultation with our San Bernardino divorce lawyer.

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