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Experienced Representation Against Theft Crime Charges, Including Robbery

If you are under investigation for a theft crime or have been arrested for or charged with larceny, robbery or a similar offense, you want an experienced lawyer to protect your constitutional rights. The consequences of a conviction can be devastating, staying with you for years. You want an attorney who knows the law and the legal process, and who will aggressively fight for you.

At The Law Offices of John D. Lueck, we have 33 years of experience representing individuals, including people charged with theft crimes, throughout Southern California. We take the time to listen carefully to the details of your situation so that we can identify the best strategy to resolve your problems. We have a comprehensive understanding of the laws and legal procedures governing criminal prosecutions and will keep you fully informed about all developments in your case and your options, so that you can make educated decisions.

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Our Theft Crimes Defense Practice

We provide strong defenses for people charged with theft related crimes, including

  • Grand theft (also known as grand larceny). As a general rule, a prosecutor must show that the value of items taken exceeds $400 to charge you with grand theft. Exceptions may be made if the theft includes a firearm or you are charged with taking something that was carried on the person of another.
  • Petty theft/larceny.
  • Shoplifting. We handle all shoplifting charges if you have been arrested and charged with taking items from a store without paying for them.
  • Robbery. Robbery involves the use of force or a weapon to commit theft. We handle all matters related to robbery or attempted robbery charges.
  • Burglary. We represent people who have been charged with entering the property of another to take items that did not belong to them.
  • Embezzlement. We will defend you against charges that you used a position of trust or fiduciary responsibility to misappropriate funds or property. To learn more, see our page on White Collar Crime.

When you hire us to defend you against theft crime charges, we will investigate the facts and circumstances of your arrest to determine whether police or law enforcement officers violated your constitutional rights. We will examine how evidence was gathered to confirm whether there was probable cause for any search, seizure or arrest. We will also examine whether police used improper means to gather evidence, such as illegal wiretaps or invalid warrants. If there are any irregularities, we will seek the exclusion of evidence obtained and, if appropriate, the dismissal of all charges.

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We provide a free initial consultation to all clients Criminal Defense, Defense of Civil Lawsuits, Divorce – Family Law, and Bankruptcy. To set up a meeting, contact our office or call us at (909) 484-1963. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

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