Sexual Harassment Lawyer Rancho Cucamonga

Sexual harassment is a real time problem in businesses and other workplaces throughout Rancho Cucamonga that requires the retention of an experienced attorney to confront this unlawful activity head on.

The Law Offices of John D. Lueck in Rancho Cucamonga provides proven success for our clients who have dealt with sexual harassment. With attention to detail, and decades of accomplished cases combated in the court of law, our lawyer delivers results with each case represented. It is our stance that a respectable, safe workplace is what all employees deserve, not one that may invite insensitive, crude, or disrespectful scenarios.

Attorney, John D. Lueck, provides free consultations to anyone affected by sexual harassment in the workplace, as we understand how defenseless these unwanted and unlawful scenarios can make anyone feel. Our firm provides exceptional attention to detail, while administering personal attention to each case we represent. It is important for each of our clients to know that if they are suffering from harassment in the workplace that they have done nothing wrong, and their offender must be held responsible. We can help, and will guide you through the process so you feel protected, safe and redeemed at the end of the proceedings.

Sexual Harassment Affects Everyone

At The Law Offices of John D. Lueck in Rancho Cucamonga, we have witnessed the toll these unwanted violations take on both the victim and the balance of a workplace’s morale. The victim may feel exhausted and anxiety filled, as the predator continues with crude, malicious behavior or worse. This leaves everyone feeling uncomfortable, leaving their productivity and trust in the company stifled as a result.

Not only does this violation of a person’s integrity and self-respect lead to a diminished working capacity, but it also creates an exhausting and overwhelming atmosphere for anyone who witnesses the appalling behavior. If you are a victim of sexual harassment, or even a witness to this atrocity, it is important that your rights are protected in the workplace. Instances of sexual harassment include, but are not limited to:

  • Physical Abuse or Harassment of a Sexual Nature
  • Requests for Sexual Favors
  • Sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to:
  • Unwanted Sexual Advances
  • Verbal Abuse or Harassment of a Sexual Nature

Anyone can be a victim of sexual harassment, regardless of sex. In fact, sexual harassment can exist between a man and woman, or between two people of the same sex. The assaulting party can be a supervisor, coworker, client, vendor or any outside party not employed in the same office as the victim.

Solution-Oriented Attorney

The Law Offices of John D. Lueck provides dedicated and experienced sexual harassment legal support to tackle these sensitive and alarming cases to provide results on their clients’ behalf. As a victim of sexual harassment, one may feel lower self-esteem, high anxiety, and often hurt and violated. Simultaneously, sexual harassment encroaches on the safety of the workplace as a whole.

Our lawyer, John Lueck, understands how painful these scenarios can be, and we want to help you hold the offending party responsible. We will provide you with redemption beginning with the lawful enforcement of these charges through the courts, while ensuring that you receive financial restitution for your pain and suffering. No one should have live with the being sexually harassed each day, and we want to help anyone who feels threatened by another to regain his or her independence in the workplace.

Our attorney provides strategic defensive solutions by researching the workplace in question thoroughly. Through a succession of unfolding events, including interviews, background research and employee file releases we are able to build a case for each of our clients that will create a solid foundation for our firm to deliver a win in court. Allow us to help you get your life back, while attaining a new sense of respect and integrity that comes from knowing your lawyer is always by your side, helping you to recover from the damage you have suffered.

We Will Help You Hold Your Harasser Responsible: Call Us Today

Sexual harassment is an appalling and mortifying experience that can leave the victim feeling ashamed, defeated and exhausted with each approaching workday. Not only are these feelings unfair, but they are unlawful and our attorney will help you hold your harasser responsible for their offensive behavior.

Contact the Law Offices of John D Lueck in Rancho Cucamonga today at (909) 484-1963 to help you overcome the anxiety and angst that you are enduring with each day because of sexual harassment.

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