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In Rancho Cucamonga, Labor Law is a hot topic and a law violated repeatedly, despite its’ stringent guidelines for employers to follow, which is why the The Law Offices of John D. Lueck, APC represents those offended with tenacity and dedication.

At The Law Offices of John D. Lueck, APC, our attorney, John Lueck, is committed to upholding the laws outlined by the state of California with precision and success. Our firm understands that these laws are in place for the protection of employees, and any violation can deliver devastating injuries to the employee and their families. With nearly forty years of labor law experience, our law firm fights for our clients’ rights in the court of law, while helping them understand the process fully along the way. You will never have to traverse the legal system alone when our experienced and dedicated attorney is by your side.

Free consultations are available with any attorney in our group to help you understand the laws your employer must abide by, and how a violation can affect you in the long term. Our diligent and committed approach to our clients’ treatment and safety in the workplace is second to none. We work incredibly hard to ensure each of our cases ends in success, providing you with the best outcome possible for your personal scenario. No two labor law cases are alike, and our lawyer understands the focus it takes to uncover the intricacies of each, so we can represent our clients optimally.

How Does Labor Law Affect You?

At The Law Offices of John D. Lueck, APC, we want everyone in the state of California to understand that as an employee, The Labor Law affects their every move while they occupy their position in the workplace. Whether you are an agricultural worker or chef, dental assistant or hair stylist, your workplace must be safe, you must earn a fair wage and your hours must not exceed the standards written in the guidelines for your profession without proper compensation.

Categories of Labor Law include, but are not limited to:

  • Benefits
  • Child Labor
  • Class Action
  • Discrimination
  • Family Medical Leave Act
  • Harassment
  • Minimum Wage
  • Occupational Health & Safety (OSHA)
  • Overtime Wages
  • Prevailing Wage
  • Termination
  • Unemployment
  • Working Time

Connecting with Qualified Representation

The Law Offices of John D. Lueck, APC combine the skill, education and determination of the best labor law attorney available in the state of California. Our unmatched dedication to employees who have suffered at the hands of labor law violations allows us to deliver a strategically intense and qualified defense in the courtroom.

Our lawyer will leave no stone unturned in our investigation of your employer’s past and present working conditions. This allows us to provide the courts with full and complete evidence to hold the offending parties responsible for unlawful behavior. It is our duty to ensure that every company in Rancho Cucamonga treats its’ employees fairly at all times, without violating the statutes that exist for their protection.

If you believe your workplace is violating your rights, or has even once done so, it is important that you contact our firm immediately to ensure your safety going forward. One minor oversight can paralyze a family’s ability to enjoy life when the breadwinner is sidelined because of injury. In addition, in some cases, employees are simply taken advantage of because they do not know how to interpret the laws that protect them. We are here to help you understand your rights, and are able to invoke those rights in a case against your employer. Not only will it allow your coworkers the same fair advantage, but you might also reap substantial rewards financially as a result.

Contact our Labor Law Attorney Today

Our dedicated Labor Law attorney, John Lueck, wants clients to stand up for themselves with the help of our legal prowess. We are experienced and accomplished in defending employees of all occupations in Labor Law disputes to ensure that they are able to support their families in the future. If you or anyone you know has had their Labor Law rights violated, contact the Law Offices of John D. Lueck in Rancho Cucamonga for help today at (909) 484-1963.

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